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Thank you and a question

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Hello Redheart here.
Thank you Tomthetank, While I have had my FS204 for over a year and half now and self-taught on the computer, am still new at downloading aircraft. Even after reading the read-me, I have only been able to get one install and flying. That is until I found Tomthetank posting on how to install aircraft. Now I have been able to add three more to my fleet that work. Tank’s again Tomthetank, your posting was a great help.
Now for my question.
I have tried to download helicopters, When I click on download, am sent to error page. Am guess it as more to do with my computer or the fact that am still on dial-up connection instead of DSL. Any ideas on how I can get around this problem

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It sounds like a broken link, not being a member of what ever site you are trying to download from, or maybe your pop-up blocker preventing you from connecting to the download. It shouldn't matter about your connection speed, as long as you have a clean connection.

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There have been problems with choppers at this site. Go to ➡ The best site for choppers.

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Thankyou for being kind bout the install page.That entry was was put together by myself,Radarman and FEM
The methods,all slightly different,all work 😉

I belive Tailhook has found one of the best alternative sites for choppers ➡

The powers that run this site Bow Down have been made aware of the problem with our d/loads

Enjoy the site and our forums,where you find the best bunch of flightsim people you could wish to 😉

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