Course it would be nearly impossible...but

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Have any of you ever thought of the idea of a Flyaway Convention? Members and guests of Flyaway could fly/drive out to the location of the convention, and we could meet and talk in person finally. Agus and I are talking about it now on MSN, and although the idea is great, the probability is slim to none that it will ever happen. But still, the idea would be great. Everybody could bring their PC, and we could all have a massive LAN as well. We could fly, and some of us first-person shooter guys could hold a huge battle or something as well. I think Greekman would enjoy that aspect just as much as I would.

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It could be done on a regional basis, say, Midwest or East Coast or UK, that sort of thing. Probably nobody will fly across the country (or the ocean) to attend, but some people would drive 100 miles or so to attend.

On one of the guitar-manufacturer sponsored sites that I visit (Carvin), people organize regional gatherings. I have attended a Southern California Carvin Gathering of people who all play Carvin guitars, basses and amps. I even drove about 50 miles to attend, and bribed my drummer friend to come along and back everybody up.

Somebody has to take charge, rent the space, determine how much to charge everybody, etc.. It can be a bit of work, but it can work.


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i think a Flyaway conventions would be fun. Yet slim. Maybe someone could have a MP server and we all fly there ❓ That'd be fun, and more people would "come".

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Well i was thinking of it a lot of times but i havent express it.Thank for doing this dear FEM.I also kane think a lot of times how most of us looks like(i know some of us like FEM,Insight,Cheeky and some more)But since im curious from my nature i was thinking of a topic with some pics of our faces... ROFL Puke Up Poke in Eye (i know...i know,,,seems childish... Baby )

I also like the idea Punk of this huge battlefield....Since i end Fear and have start Call of Duty 2 im in perfect shape(with the only difference that i give less hours than past.Sim has the priority this time 😉 )

I think for the U.Kers or the U.Sers will be more easy than rest of us Crying or Very sad

Anyway the only place i have Visit in US is NY so i would like to visit something else.And have never been in maybe its a good oppertunity. 😉
In old times its been said that Greece was the Center of the earth(Delfoi to be more specific)you can all of you come here...i offer free sleep and one meal per day 😉 😂 😂 😂 (the rest yours... 😉 )

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has to be said that logistics would be a bit of an obstacle but the idea is quite cool all the same!

Micah 😉

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It sounds like a good idea, as you say people crossing oceans sounds unlikely but a regional one is a possibility.

I meet up with the EAF chaps at Duxford "Flying Legends" show, I have also met with a whole load of Eve Online players and WWII Online players too (one of them keeps many historical WWII rifles and his gun club has an open day we all attend)

Its good fun.

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It would be awesome to meet the whole Fly Away community sometime. 😀

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