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Something I was thinking about today, does the captain always sit in the left hand seat of the cockpit ???? What made me think this was, what about aircraft that are fly-by-wire and the captain is right handed ??? and the joystick/control is on the left ??? I'm right handed, and I use the Saitek Cyborg Evo which is a fully adjustable right handed joystick.
I dont think I could fly/control any aircraft with my left hand. Do right handed captains have a choice of seating (right hand seat) ??? in order to use the right hand control ??? or is there a more simple answer/solution. Read

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Conventionally, Captains have always sat in the left hand seat. In Airbuses, what ever hand you are most comfortable with, you will always sit in the seat respective of your job title. The joystick in the cockpit is configured for either hand so it feels comfortable what ever hand you use. Apparently, you get used to it 😉

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During normal operations, the Captain always sits on the left side of airline aircraft in the US. Most aircraft only have the tiller wheel for ground steering on the left side.

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