First Repaint: Diamond HK-36 Katana Xtreme.

Cambridge Guest

I've been flying Premier Aircraft Design's Diamond HK-36 Katana Xtreme (ID: N550SD) a lot lately, so I decided to try repainting it to get rid of the gaudy red/yellow paintjob it has. I simplified the factory design by only keeping the main stripe, and then added a new Katana logo and a simple outlined ID. I was going to add a small Australian flag to the vertical stabiliser, but you can't even make out which flag it is when it's shrunk down!

The original can be found here:

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Cambridge Guest

The closest I'll ever get to flying one! 😉

Although there's a guy who does scenic tourist flights in a HK-36 for about $200 a pop not far from where I live...

Pro Member Chief Captain
RadarMan Chief Captain

👍 You did a very nice job painting it, now you have one of a kind.

Make some hints around your birthday time for a gift certificate for the flight, it works!

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