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I have registered for VATSIM and have had a look at the NEW PILOTS SECTION START HERE section and there seems to be a lot of info on getting started. Can anyone give me an idea on how to get started in simple ways - i have donwloaded FSCUIP or what ever its called along with SquawkBox 3 - is there any thing else - how do i start a flight but not actually fly but to just be an obaserver or listener - appaerntly u can do this. I think that I also need some servers or what ever they are called - im only young and need help

I have read over Pilot resource centre at VATSIM but its too much for me to handle. So if there is anyone who is expierenced with VATSIM - how can i just get started by listening to their own ATC or even with my first flight

Thanks so mcuh


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If you have Sqawkbox 3 or FSINN, all you need do is select the server nearest you, park your pane where you won't block ground traffic at a fairly busy airport. Connect to Vatsim. Tune Com1 to the frequency of the controller online that you wish to monitor traffic to. You should hear a small bleep and then hear (or see the text) on the network. It is best to file a flight plan showing the same airport as departure and arrival and although your cruising speed is ), sb3 won't accept that so put 1 there. Your altitude can be that of the airport. Most importantly, in the comments section, put "New pilot. Observing only". The only time you'll get bothered is if you parked in a taxiway or too close to a runway.

You can use the spot view of FS to pan around and see the planes that are online and their call signs.

You'll get an idea of how things are done, and if you watch long enough, you'll notice that both pilots and controllers make boo-boos from time to time.

I may only have flown my first flight where interaction with a controller was required , yesterday, but I've been observing for months. 🙄

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Check this recent thread:

Other than that, let me say you will have to do some reading. Not all at once and not too much, but you will need to go over some procedures, brush up on your phraseology etc.

You won't regret it though, let me assure you.

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