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yeah my new sites up. i apologise it's not all up,i've done it as a technical excerise as well so i've been trying many new things - and it's taken a lot more time than i thought; however i have accomplished a lot - such as the thumbnails on the download page are automatically made, the site titles,keywords,colours etc can all be edited in the cms and i'm so happy because the whole back end is built from scratch with not a hint of help.


anyway for those who don't care about php and mysql programming nonsense, i offer to you a whole kit for Dimitri Samborski's (samdim) Antonov 148 including imperial panel, paintkit and some repaints.

i hope avsim have now added everything, so apologies if there's any wait.

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great stuff hinch the site looks fantastic!!

Glad you managed to get all that stuff working, while I am ok with database stuff all I can do with php is debug it.

I can do the css and html stuff but php eludes me still and I know how hard it can all be, so, well done my friend!

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Great Job Hinch 👍 👍 👍

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Nice website and excellent paints.


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Tailhook Chief Captain

I see you've already got the Kittyhawk 737800 Air Singapore Repaint included in your list... I'm already burning incense and I'll be worshipping you forever. 🍻

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ceetee Chief Captain

Great site Hinch, I just love your Air New Zealand repaint of the Antonov AN-24 you made ❤️

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That's great work, wewll done



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hinch Chief Captain

cheers guys,

the paint kit has now been added to avsim so go download that if you like :p

the links page will be up tonight, it's only a quick job.

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Tailhook Chief Captain

Mighty kind of you to upload the paintkit hinch 👏 ...errr...what does one do with the paintkit? Hack Wall Bashing

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hinch Chief Captain

read your other post too mr trolly,glad you like it 🙂

ok the paintkit...'for those who know what they're doing'.

you can simply click 'save as' and choose bmp, then save over the original file. however a standard bitmap is all basic and rubbish, you want reflections!


- theres a layer in the paintkit called 'DESIGN HERE', that's the layer you put your design on.

- when finished click select all and copy merged, so it copies all the layers as one image.

- download a program called DXTBmp from MW graphics. it's free and necessary.

- open the original texture you wish to overwrite in DXTBmp and go to image>send to editor

- paste your merged new design over the one you've just sent to the editor (probably in a new photoshop/psp) and just click SAVE, just save it and nothing else.

- go back to DXTBmp and go to image>reload after edit. voila it appears!

- click save and select DXT3 as the file type,all the other file types are crap.

i hope that helps!

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hinch Chief Captain

site's all finished now woot.

next on the agenda - kittyhawk 737-800

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hms_endeavour Chief Captain

Even if it's not finished,exellent job Clap
I really like your site! 👍

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

Great site, Hinch! 👏

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