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Blank Repaint Kits

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ceetee Chief Captain

I am interested to know how you make a blank repaint kit for an aircraft.

I would like to make some repaints of my own aircraft, which would mean stripping them of thier livery and starting over again.

The only way I can think of is to paint over the textures with a white brush, but then I would loose all the metal joins, windows etc etc

Can anyone help me please?

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hinch Chief Captain

my method:

make a new layer over the texture. draw all the lines and joins in black.

make another layers and copy all the details such as stickers and decals

make another layer and make a black shadow that fades to transparent.

now paint the first layer (the original texture) white.

drop the lines and shadows down to about 10% opacity and there you go.

never use grey to make lines and shadows,always black. or for a black repaint make the lines white.

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