The screen becomes all blue

Rosso_5 Guest

😕 Hi guis here is Rosso_5 the Commander of the Diavoli Eauriti Italian Squadron asking a question , first of all how is going? I hope good to all.
The question is the this:
When playng in multiplayar or normally whit Loch on suddenly the sceen becomes all light blue and the game stops running .
To some one happined that problem allready ?
Some one knows how to solve the problem to me and all my squadron?
How i can return to the game when the screen beomes light blue?
In the mean time whe whait for an uncer from you guis visit our web site cliking bellow and sorry for my orrible english

By to all Rosso_5

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mp33 Guest

yea, same happens to me, i don't have a clue why....

Pro Member First Officer
alohajoe First Officer

me 3, mine dosen't work either.

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