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Hey, i need to know where the golden gate bridge is and whats the nearest airport, and which way to fly to get there, and whatnot, i got an idea hehe....THANKS!!!

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San Francisco - San Francisco International (SFO)

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Don't you know where is it?
It's in San Francisco (California, USA)!!!
The nearest airport is San Francisco Intl. ➡ To go to the Golden Gate (why have they named it so? It's red!!!) take-off from KSFO and fly to the only opening to the sea. It's there, motionless!!!

[C:\Documents and Settings\Alessandro\Documenti\Immagini]


[img]C:\Documents and Settings\Alessandro\Documenti\Immagini

This is the Golden Gate[/img]


I'm trying to submit the image, not only the text Evil or Very Mad

[img]C:\Documents and Settings\Alessandro\Documenti\Immagini\the_golden_gate[/img]

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Maybe not the clearest of shots but I'm doing it.

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OK now RadarMan....You know it's illegal to fly under that bridge.....LOL

However I flew thru this Ferry after leaving the default Airport in washington State,and it was way cool....But I tried to get a shot and the stupid thing didn't work....One of these days........ 😕

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Try again, I want to see the shot, the whole idea of this sim is to have fun and now we get a chance to share it with people all over the world.

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