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Hey all..

Can anyone help me with a little problem..? When I fly an IFR flight, and I want to make an ILS approach.. After the ATC gives me final altitude and heading instructions and then says "Until picked up on the localizer".. I don't know what that means or at least I never notice anything happen.. And if I wait to be picked up on the localizer I'd fly right past the airport.. What happens when they say this and how can I make the landing without haveing to look at my GPS..? I'd really appreciate any help with this as I love flying in bad weather and at night because of the diffacult landings but, I can't seem to figure out the ILS approach..

Thanks all..

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Have a read over this




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Thanks alot Liono.. I think I will be able to do this alot better now.. I want to learn to be able to land totally in the blind and make the runway.. What a blast..!!

Thanks again..

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