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Can anyone tell me where to look for the manuals. I can't find them anywhere in the package I've downloaded.
Also, does anyone know how to set the "course" in order to fly a properly aligned ILS ?

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😳 What package?

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The inbound course is on the ILS approach plate. You do have approach charts? It's not safe to fly without them. 😳 Just kidding. The course can also be found by clicking on the airport symbol in Map mode. The course is set with the OBS knob on the number 1 or top nav indicator(Cessna 172). On the Jet's, it's the course select knob. On the C-172, this selection has no function other than to remind you of the course. On the jet's, same thing but correct course orients navigation needle so that course corrections make sense.

Flight Simulator 2004 doesn't have a manual in the package. It relies on Help menus and the built in Learning Center. You can buy a good guide here:

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