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Hello everyone,

I am hoping any one of you could give me some pointers in the issue I am having with AI traffic.
I've been struggeling all weekend trying to install some AI Aardvark planes, and eventhough I was up until 3am this morning searching, reading, modifying and retrying I can't seem to find my mistake.

I've downloaded and tried several base models but let me use this one as example.
I've taken the Boeing 737-700 (winglets) out of this package, with KQA livery which was as I understand designed for the B733 winglet.

I've created the folder "AIA_737_700_winglet" in my Aircraft folder,
with inside it the folders "model.no_refl" and "model.reflective" both containing aia_737_700_w.mdl and model.cfg. Then I have the "texture.Kenya_w" folder with two bitmaps.
There's no sound folder but I have not seen any site that mentions this is required.
In the main "AIA_737_700_winglet" folder there's the .air file and the aircraft.cfg.
The Cfg file has
title=AIA Boeing B737 Kenya Airways
ui_type=Boeing 737-700
ui_variation=Kenya Airways
description=AI Aardvark 737-700 ::: painted by Federico Permutti

Now I decompiled the Traffic_PAI.bgl file using Ttools 2.02, and added these lines (and made sure that I didn't put any commas, periods etc. at the end of a line, just a return):

in Aircraft_PAI.txt:
AC#61,477,"AIA Boeing B737 Kenya Airways"
in Flightplans_PAI.txt:

recompiled the bgl file and restarted FS9, but the plane refuses to appear at EHAM@ 09:31:00 GMT.

I am at a loss I am afraid, it appears to me that whatever tutorial / manual I read (Aardvark, Ttools, other party's website / guide re. AI a/c installation), I seem to have taken all described steps but alas, no luck.

Would anyone have any instructions as to what I am missing?
Any suggestions anyone might have will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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It's three short pages but I think it will help.

Good luck and let us know how it worked out.


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Great, thanks for the link.
I've read all of it and I did find one thing I've done different from this example.

As soon as I've completed my current flight (88 more nm) I'll try it out.

Will post back with the results, thanks again.

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It has put me on the right track; I didnt have the [sim=] var refer to the .air file but to the a/c path. I could have sworn I read somewhere that was how it should be done, but coming to think of it that indeed doesnt make much sense.

Thanks so much for the help RM, you're a legend! Punk

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Glad it helped. It's one of the better tutorial sites.


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Just wanting to thank everyone for the help knowingly or unknowingly given on this site, I've just finished testing some 40+ AI a/c I added manually, was a lot of reading and reseach involved before I figured out the do's and dont's, but I was pretty excited when the last setup I tried looked like this!
I know it's just a bunch of AI planes, but I was thrilled nonetheless Wink

Couldn't have done it without this forum!

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I agree with your comments, this site is superb.

Well done everyone... 👏

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