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Hi I have been planning on going to Pheonix East Aviation because I really want to become a pilot. There is a slight problem though. The school told me that i get about 280 hours after the 12 months there and i can then be hired as a flight instructor for them for about a year getting paid $10 an hour. The problem is that $10 an hour is not going cover my bills. They said I need the year as a flight instructor to build hours so I can get a job for a smaller company. They told me I start flying small routes first(they mentioned continental express and delta express) I just don't know what I can do about that year that I am out of school because $10 an hour is not going to cover my bills. I also was wondering how much I would get paid flying the smaller routes because at that time I would expect about $30,000 a year since that is pretty standard pay in almost any industry. So does anyone know how much I would get paid flying smaller routes and does anyone know what I would be able to do for that extra year so I can gain flight hours and pay my bills?
Thank You

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I'm not sure about other stuff, but $10/hr is very little, even for an instructor. I think most instruors get $20-$40/hr of instruction.

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Look at

I was planning on going there before I discovered German!!

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I live in Scotland, UK and i can tell you that instructors dont get paid that much. On average they get paid about 8 at my flying club i believe which is just about $12-13 i think.

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I'm not sure overseas, but here in New Zealand instructors that have just started out get enough to live on, and thats about it.

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