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How are your joystick buttons set?

Sico2 Guest

Hi all,

I've been curious and just wanted ask (those who have joystick) how are your buttons set. Let us you have standard 8-12 buttons joy and what type of functions do you have assigned for different buttons? I'll start with mine:

2.second main (thumb operating) - view change
3.,4.-flaps up/down
5.,6.-pitch trim up/down
7.-speed brakes
8.-parking brakes
9.-autopilot master switch off/on
10.-autothrottle switch off/on
11.-landing gear
12.-reverse throttle.

The other functions I use pressing combination on my keyboard, but 20 buttons would be nice on my joy 😀

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hms_endeavour Chief Captain

mine are:
2.change view
4.throttle +
5.throttle -

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

Since I am using a yoke and throttle quadrant, I won't attempt to give numbers, but here are what are assigned.

view change, a/p & f/d master, engine start/shutdown, gen./bat., ignition, Ldg. gear, a/t arm & engage, a/p alt & nav, a/p hdg & loc, cowl flaps open/close, parking brake, pushback. Additionally, there are 4 levers for throttles, one each for flaps, spoliers, prop, mixture. The throttle levers when below their detents, also shut off fuel to their respective engines. The flaps when below the detent (full) also arms the spoilers. The spoiler lever, when below the detent, initiates reverse thrust.

Obviously the rudder and brakes are part of the pedals.

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