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Hi Guys i been looking at all your talk of vid cards good stuff you guys are way ahead of me well as for me p3 1000 256 ram and 64/400 invidia card works well just a little sticky on take of run slighty not to bad i am running Win Me and looking at a ati 9200 for $119.00 New Zealands dallors i do have win 98 se on disk is that better for simming i have never loaded it onto my computer as yet .Could you advise me would be gratefull.

Regards Cray Idea

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Hi Cray...I wouls say stay with Me... Tis a good operating source for FS....

You can always add mor mem for cheap...Where I like I added another 512 memory,,installed while I waited for only 60 dollars.....Best Buy does it .....Let us know if you need more info...That card should work good..It does take time to learn how to best set up...But can be done...I did it...Took three weeks of learning,adjusting,and it was my first time...If I can do it so can you...Good price too on the card...I say get it...Add more memory too....See Ya...Mason

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