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I'm just getting back into flying FS2004 after being bitten again to get my private pilots ticket. I have done a bit of looking around, but I was curious if anyone here knew the answer.

I was wondering if it is possible to direct the audio for ATC and pilot communications (com 1/2, nav 1/2, ADF, etc.) to a second sound card? It would then be possible to use a headset like in real life while piping all environmental sounds (engine, wind, flaps, etc.) to my nice 4 point + subwoofer system. I could crank up the environmental sounds until it was like being in a real cockpit of a Cessna (yes - very noisy).


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BashDaBish Guest

Like the idea of this. I too would love to see a response to this one.

I can answer one part of your question.

I know it is possible to have two sound cards installed and running just as long as they are not using the same IRQ. Usually best to use 2 PCI's or a PCI and an external sound card. Not a good idea to use onboard sound together with a PCI as you can get allsorts of confilcts.

So physically it can be done, but how to set FS to use two sound cards.......I do not know.

BashDaBish Guest

Just to add a little more to this

It is possible to do something very similar but with online simulation such as VATSIM etc. You would set squakbox to use one soundcard (for controllers etc) and FS to use the other (for all other sounds).

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

Instead of using a second sound card, use a USB headset which can act as a second sound card.

I saw this idea on either the vatsim forum or squawkbox forum. I wish I'd seen it before I got my headset.

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

That's the setup I run, but the above people are right, you need to be running your ATC through a 3rd party system (I.E. connecting to VATSIM using SquawkBox3). If you use a USB headset, it essentially creates a second soundcard that can be selected as the primary use of ATC input/output in the SquawkBox program itself. It certainly makes things a lot nicer as I never miss an instruction due to engine noise anymore!

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

I just keep the vatsim sound sufficiently above the engine noise so it is not a problem. Of couse, that usualy means I have to wear headphones when my better half is watching TV. 🙄

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