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MattC Guest

Hello all,

I'm looking high and low for a Currie Wot for FS2K2 having just read Harald Penrose's book "Airymouse" for the 10th time. I'd like one in the colour scheme that is in the link.

Any ideas anyone?

I have a Gere Sport which is similar, but it is an FS2K4 aircraft so I cannot alter the textrue bitmap to get a colour scheme nearer to the one I would like.

Cheers folks


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RadarMan Chief Captain

I checked all over for it and no luck, not for any year flight sim.

Take a look through the screenshot gallery and see what you like that's close and I'll see if I can find that.


MattC Guest

Thanks a lot, as it happens, I managed to dig up a Evans VP1 for FS2K4 which works well in 2K2, and meets my need for a 'pottering about' kind of aircraft, at least until I find something else!

Cheers though 🙂

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