Has anyone used this addon?

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Hey Peeps,

I have just downloaded and installed this Autoland feature for my Airbus A319 - and all I can say is that it is brilliant.

I have just 1 question.......

I have noticed that whenever I am about 10ft from the runway surface, when it cuts the throttles, the plane drops like a stone onto the runway and makes what might seem like a hard landing.

Is this meant to be right, or have I got my altimiter wrong?

Apart from that, its a brilliant lil addon!


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You can share the link you download it from,just in case someone wants to try it.
Personally i prefer the manual proccedure 😉

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Can you add the link so I can take a look at it.



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Hey Leachus2002 - could you possibly give me link for that autoland download - I'm interested Surprised

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& me ➡

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Hi Guys,

Sorry for not posting the link.

Here it is:

vicky_sokhi Guest

Hey Leachus2002 I have downloaed the same but I didnt get any Ap icn on my planes panel I am trying on 747 but there is no AL icon on panel can u pls help me to cofigure... I be very g8 ful to u for ur help hope to hear from you soon

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Did you add the control lines to the panel.cfg file as detailed in the accompanying PDF manual?

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