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Hi TTT 🙂 I'm looking for your help and advice on a particular graphics card.
I am currently using the NVIDIA GeForce FX5200 256MB
and although everything is running o.k. I'm looking to upgrade, and was looking at this card..... 512MB XFX GeForce 6600 which can be found here

This shop is local to me, where I buy all my gear at some good prices.
As you will see, at £92 GBP = $162 for the graphics card, I was wanting to know in your opinion, if this is a good buy ??? Many thanks. 🙂

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Ummm,i may not answer your question but i also have the fx 5200 and is it really worth getting a 6600?I think that if you really want to enhance your graphics you should get the new 7800!Prices are a bit awkward though... 😕

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Its a fine card and would enhance your gaming no end,BUT the card you show is the newer PCIe variant
Make sure your PC has this type of graphics slot(if your PC is more than a year old you will have an AGP slot)

The trouble with GFX cards is realy the more you spend,the more you get

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Thanks TTT 👍

HMS, I see what you mean about the 7000 series price wise. 😳

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