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Hello everyone,
I have a question regarding MIP Mapping. If you don't know what that is, it's the little adjustable range you can find if you go to Display>Hardware. When I raise that to the highest level, the lighting is perfect, however when I reduce it, there's not enough light. The problem, however, is that when raised, it starts to somewhat flash, or blink, and it really strains my eyes. When coming to land, all of the runway lights blind me, and it makes the approach much more difficult. I'd hate to reduce it, though, because when flying at night, or even during the day, it reduces dynamicity of the ground. Is there a patch for this. If not, what do you all think is the ideal setup. Thanks for all of your replies in advance.

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I doubt that there is a patch for the Settings in FS generally. I've got my Mip Mapping set to 5 - it suits me fine.
Maybe you should ask what settings other forum members use and make your decision based on an average.
A poll perhaps..? Idea

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5 is fine by me also.


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Thanks for your replies. I'll try out the 5th setting. As far as a poll, I think I'll trust you and RM on this one. It's such a small topic, I doubt anybody would be willing to launch the sim, just to check their MIP mapping setting 😉 . Thank you very much though!
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