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Can anyone please explain how I can find an Airport VOR and does every airport have one?

One example I am using is onto approach to Luton (UK).


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No, not every airport has a VOR. If you pull up your map it will show VOR stations in blue (not everything in blue is VOR). Just move your mouse around on it and it will give you the information on the VOR.

You can find an airport (without a VOR) using a VOR if you know what radial the airport you want is on from the VOR and what the distance is. Just chart your course to intercept the radial at the required distance from the VOR.

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Thanks for the info.

I was asking because I have recently downloaded an Autoland package from Avsim ( and it says that to use the Autoland feature you have to enter both the ILS frequency of the runway on NAV1 and the VOR in Nav2 - just wondered where I would get the VOR from.

Just that I am recently having a few problems.


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I recently bought the Microsoft/Syrex "Official" Strategies and Secrets of FS2004 and tried to set up the detailed exercise on VOR use from New London CT (KGON) to Marthas's Vineyard (KMVY), using VORs on Sandy Point/Block Island (SEY 117.80MHz) and Marthas's Vineyard (114.5MHz)

Things started to come undone pretty well straight away as there appeared to be no New London in Connecticut but there was a New England much further away in another state. So I couldn't set up the 60-odd mile flight in the exercise. I opted to start on Block Island, where there is an airport, tried to go out on the radial 105 for intersection with a MV radial.

I duly tuned the NAV1 and 2 receivers and made sure that they were switched on as indicated by the green strips lit up on the audio panel.

I couldn't hear the Block Island VOR identifier nor was the needle affected at all by rotating the 360 degree indicator ring.

I am baffled and moreover I couldn't find any other radials elsewhere - maximum height was around 3000ft so I allowed for the short VHF range but no signs as I flew away from the VOR.

I wonder what I am doing wrong.

ADF works a treat but like any medium wave DF system it isn't really a particularly accurate navigational tool.

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One of the "Official" strategies and secrets the book should have told you is that KGON is listed as Groton/New London, not as New London. It's that way in the real world also.

The fact that your audio panel shows a light for your Nav radio does not mean anything except that you will be able to hear the audio whatever frequency you have set.

I can think of three possible reasons why you cannot receive the VOR you were trying to recieve.

1. Your GPS/NAV switch on the panel is set to GPS.
2. You set the VOR frequency in one radio and have the panel indicator switch set to the other radio.
3. You set the wrong frequency for that VOR in the radio

I hope one of these fixes the problem for you.


High Alt VOR/DME perhaps? Dont Know
usually I find 3000ft sufficient to pick it up, but then I dont know the elevation of the VOR itself...

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Thanks for the replys, but where is the best place to find this information?

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leachus2002: I don't understand your last post. Where is the best place to find what information?

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Duly got the VOR ok with NAV RX and appeared to function ok.

It looks as though the example of Groton - Martha's Vineyard as quoted in the Microsoft book differs with the flight plan that comes up in FS2004 as the bearings differ. Will have to look into this.

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