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Hey all,

As some of you know, I enjoy flying tours and writing about them. And as you may know from some of my previous tour reports, taking an aircraft that isn't rightfully mine has been a recurring theme in some of my tours. Laughing

I just finished a tour which I called "The Stolen Plane Tour." I had just finished the "Reeves Aleutian Airlines" flights, from the FS09 historic flights, and by the end of that trip I was just about sick of flying the old DC-3. I mean, it was a fine aircraft in its day, but it is a bit clunky by today's standards.

So when I reached Attu, Alaska, the westernmost point in the Aleutian Islands, I found myself parked next to a beautiful new KingAir 350, and I thought, "Now, that would be the perfect way to get home." So, I borrowed the keys to the KingAir and flew north to Nome, Alaska.

Along the way, I decided that would be the way I would fly each leg of the trip: each time I landed, I'd just take whatever plane was parked next to the one I was currently in. It seemed like a good way to get some variety in my flying experience. And to confuse any law enforcement officials who might be trying to follow me. Wink

So, in Nome I purloined a Cessna 208B and flew to Anchorage.

In Anchorage, I found myself parked next to a spiffy looking Mooney Bravo, so I misappropriated that and flew over to Valdez, Alaska. Unfortunately, the only planes parked at Valdez were AI Dash-8's, so I continued on with the Mooney over to Haines, AK.

In Haines, I filched a Cessna 208A Amphibian and took it down to Juneau, AK. Unfortunately, I got a little sideways on the water landing and bent that airplane, but I managed to escape without injury and dog-paddled to shore, where I heisted a Beechcraft Baron, and headed south for Vancouver, British Columbia.

In Vancouver, I found myself parked between a DC-3 and a LearJet 45. I thought it might be kind of a cool nostalgic thing to fly the DC-3 back to Los Angeles, my home town, but then I realized I'd get there MUCH quicker if I ripped off the Lear, so that's what I did.

And that was the end of the "Stolen Plane Tour." Laughing


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That reminds me I need to post a guard around my Spartan. Laughing

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lkw wrote:

That reminds me I need to post a guard around my Spartan. Laughing

Oh, yeah, the Spartan is a sweet little plane. What a beauty.

I left it in Las Vegas-- the keys are under the pilot's seat. Twisted Evil



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Laughing Thanks for the updat I will go down and pick it up. Spent half a day trying to remember where I parked it. Laughing

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