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Whenever i land my planes nose gear seems to always slams into the ground. Am i coming in for fast or descending to fast?

any help appreciated.

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Normally if the nose wheel hits first your approach speed is to high. Diving for the runway when high on the approach will cause the same effect. Use the correct reference speed (Vr) for your aircrafts weight. Normally this is 1.3 X the stall speed for your aircraft configuration. These speeds can be found in the aircraft information section within Flight Simulator. As you approach the runway, slowly reduce your power and slow your descent with aft stick pressure. Normal descent rate on approach is a function of ground speed. I don't know what aircraft your flying. In the Cessna 172 (A great aircraft), it would be around 400 FPM and as you reach the runway, reduce to less than 100. Faster aircraft will descend faster. 1/2 the ground speed is a basic guide. That gives you a 3 degree angle that is not a requirement but normal. Slower aircraft can come in at a steeper angle safely but larger, faster aircraft should be flown at or very close to a 3 degree angle for safety. All aircraft should slow their descent rate to close to zero just above the runway for a soft touchdown. Jets will tend to land firmer than lighter aircraft. A soft touchdown is nice but don't float halfway down the runway trying to achieve it. You want to land within the touchdown zone of the runway. This is the first 3000 ft. of a long runway or the first 1/3 of a shorter runway.🙂

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