Why play flight sim's?

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I was talking with a friend and told him I would be geting FS2004. He then said he doesn't like those kinds of games where you don't fly around in fighters and shoot people out of the sky. I told him i like it becasue it was something i would probably not get to do. On to the question, why do you people like playing the non-combat flight sim's?

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People like to sim because its the closest thing to the real thing. I dont like to use the word 'play' sim, because in my opinion - flight simulation is not a game. Simmers' enjoy it, and feel as though its a real aircraft they are flying in - and for real life and training pilots, its a great way to brush up on their navigation skills for example. You will notice that the people that play flight fighting games for example, and flight simulator are quite different. The true simmers are usually older people.

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markmac141 Trainee

because i dont have a life and a have absolutely nothing better to do....haha

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abaris Trainee

Because I like SIMs and because I never will get the opportunity to fly a real thing (money and health). And maybe I'm losing some of my IRL fear of flying in learning how it works - well at least as close as a PC can get me to it.

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colly Trainee

Thanks flyaway-Yes Fltsims are really made for mature,sensible people 😂
Anyone fancy setting up a 'Guess each others age' slot ?
We pensioners live in the clouds anyway 😎

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Flypopa Trainee

Oh Yes. Us oldies that have done the real thing in the past and have been 'grounded' It is the next best thing.
as for those that say "It's a game" Let them try and do a simple landing.

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rob (Habu) First Officer

Hi Ghost22, in my humble opinion, Flyaway nailed it!! It actually hurts me to hear people call flight sims a "Game." I retired after 23 yrs in Aircraft Maintenance in the US Air Force. During my time, I flew in cockpits with real Pilots, and learned alot about flying. I ALWAYS felt I missed my true calling. MS Flight Sims have always been a passion for me ! I have owned them all and have spent many $$$$ upgrading my rigs, only to satisfactorily fly M$ Flight Sims (shhhh-don't tell my wife). From my experience, it is AS REAL AS IT GETS!! If I am flying somewhere for real, I first fly it in flight sim and it really makes me know what is happening in the real flight!! rob

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Riclo First Officer

😎 Aloha All, Well you know asking that question is going to bring alot of questions.yet in our hearts I believe that we fly our sim for the fun,freedom,experience and the thought that if the time ever came we could do it, and if you cant understand that, well what can I say?

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nurseman Trainee

hi al 😂 f2004 is fantastic i did 10hrs 30 yrs a go and i cant get a ppl so this is as good as it gets

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Some Chick :) (IceMaiden) Trainee

I don’t fly much, I really enjoy making things for it. I’ve had a map fetish since I was a child, and FS let’s you see the world you create come alive. I am also a miniature fan as well. 🙂

One thing I use to get a morbid kick out of, was re-creating disasters from NTSB/AIB/TC documents, like the UAL 232 DC10 disaster. I would record them as a .vid and sit back and watch… I’m a sicko. 🙄

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tomthetank Chief Captain

A few years ago ( Embarassed more than a few Embarassed ) there was a tv programme in the UK called the Kripton Factor where contestants used to have to land a 747 or something simular and points were awarded for the best one

I said to my wife i could do she went and bought me an hour in a real flight sim(Redletter days).Idid'nt own a pc then so i had no idea.

It was only 18mins with me at the controls(landed ....just) but i was hooked

Now 5 computers later im still trying to land,still trying to get the best poss frame rates etc etc(which sometimes is as much fun as flying when you get it right)

Ps IceMaiden im sending the men in white coats around to your house(or is it the men in black in Canada )😂 😂

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leadfoot First Officer

I went to the Dayton Air force museum a few years ago with my folks. My mother made the comment that the history of flight is the history of fight, probably because most if not all of the aircraft were used to kill people. I however look at it a different way. My first exposure to airplanes was at Port Columbus airport when I was 4 or 5. I was mesmorized. None of the planes I saw were fighters, just airliners, very beautiful. There isn't many things more graceful and peacable than an airliner taking to the skies. Flying to kill people was not the original intent of the Wright Brothers. Airliners are like flowers in the garden as opposed to fighters being thistles in the garden, the garden being the sky. Corny, isn't it? but that's how I feel. Airliners are our best attempt at flattering the sky gods. Imitation is the best form of flattery? Isn't it?

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I still fly "real" airplanes and I find FS2004 very helpful in reviewing instrument procedures and checking out airports where I plan to fly in the future. "Real" aircraft time runs about $60-70/hr for a single and $150+/hr for a twin. I can fly all day with the sim for free. I have also used it to introduce a new private pilot in my church to basic attitude instument flying. He is away at school working on his instrument rating at this time.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

🤔 Why do I like a "non shooting" Sim.
When I was a young man (teenager) I always wanted to learn how to fly, it fascinated me. I would go to LAX and watch the aircraft come in for a landing right over my head (airport blvd I believe). As I became old enough for lessons both family responsibilities and $$ came between me and my dream of the skies.
Now I have the chance to (Walter Middy) carry out the dreams (health permitting) from my easy chair.
Yes...the skies the limit. 👍

Interesting question! Yes

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Rambunctious First Officer

I use fs9 to calm down after an intense online session of Wolfenstein 😳

Why do you need a reason anyway? If you enjoy it, and it doesn't involve hurting small animals, I say just do it...

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

It's nice to see the 'crinklies' opinions are well represented and all on the ayes side 😂

Although a fairly new convert to FS, I am enjoying it immensely - like many others £££'s, health, age, etc debar me from ever learning to fly real planes but there is enough realism in FS to satisfy my needs.

In my many attempts to fly under the Forth Road Bridge I have crashed in all of them and nobody was hurt. Embarassed I can share this and any other schemes with theFlyaway community on this fine forum.whose contributers will give all the help they can in answering/solving questions set by newbies like myself. 🍻


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Jim Glockner (jimmyglockner) Trainee

I enjoy the challenge of flying without the responsibility of hurting someone or yourself if I happen to crash (yes, it does happen now and then). The good feeling of taking off, navigating and then landing precisely is what it is all about.

I also agree; This is not a "game".

Happy flying all.


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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

this is definately not a game! Nor is it something you can just grab every now and again and think you'll be able to fly a 747 to a perfect landing on your first try. Nope, this is as real as it gets, and it's gonna take you a while to work your way up to the big iron. Mind you, not nearly as long as it does in real life, but it takes practice. All my friends that play it wonder why they can't land without crashing their first time. They figure it's just like any other game. It's also not extremely pretty, when it comes to basic scenery, but that's not the aim of it either. All in all, it's an excellent sumulation, and i'm glad to have bought it as long ago as i did!

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Arkydave First Officer

leadfoot wrote:

There isn't many things more graceful and peacable than an airliner taking to the skies. Flying to kill people was not the original intent of the Wright Brothers. Airliners are like flowers in the garden as opposed to fighters being thistles in the garden, the garden being the sky.

Well said, Leadfoot. I flew combat missions in Viet Nam (aircrew, non-pilot), and while the flying was always exhilerating, the mission and the aftermath, in retrospect, feel like 'the dark side' of aviation. For me, the bright side is something small, single engine or small twin, VFR, lazily making your way from point A to B, using some VOR nav skills, and then making a perfect landing. That's gratification on a grand scale. Yes

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jelami First Officer

Just in case that stewardess comes back into the cabin and asks "Does anyone know how to fly one of these things?" I will be able to say "I Do, I do!!" 😀
However based on my landings of the heavy stuff lately, I will now be smart enough to sink deep into my seat and let someone else volunteer.

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