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I would like to see more ARNZ planes on the website

Would You Like to see more ARNZ project planes on the website
 75%  [ 3 ]
 25%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 4
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Daniel (Ducker) Trainee

I believe a lot of people would agree that the Planes ARNZ have produced are of excellent quality especially the Bae146.I have worked on this aircraft for many years and was proud to see a module of one on the website.I would love to see the Aer-Lingus livery of the aircraft on the website.The Bae146 or RJX are my favourite aircraft.I have personal worked on them in Mojave the plane was EI-CLH.I was also wondering if anyone had a module of a Fouga Magister.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

This is in our News section, so I guess we do.


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Tailhook Chief Captain

I googled for 'ARNZ' after having done an unsuccessful search at avsim. Found the ARNZ site and now after reading the topic have become aware of the existence of ARNZ.

If the files are as good as is claimed, my vote is 'yes'.

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