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Dear all,
I wanted to play about with fuel mid-flight on the boeing fleet.

on the default 747/777 is there a way to display the fuel quantity of all the tanks? I know that I could go the the drop down - aircraft -> fuel and payload.
But I thought you might be able to view it from a panel.

Also on the 737 can you view the center tanks quantity from a panel?

Likewise can you move the fuel quantiny between tanks mid flight, I know that there is a x-feed on the 737 at the top to get it to drink from one side tank only, but can you switch the pumps on to transfer fuel?

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To my knowlege, you only have the display indicating the total weight of all your fuel. I am not sure about the crossfeed setting, it's best just to leave it be, so you have a more balanced aircraft. My guess is, considering the large number of tanks on the 747, they would not have a fuel selector as having to switch between a bunch of tanks would be distracting and time consuming.

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