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For those who like to fly heavy metal airplanes, 3rd party products outside of MS are giving us VERY GOOD airplanes (PMDG, PIC...). This companies are taking the realism far beyond expectation and it is sometimes this realism what makes it impossible for 1 pilot to fly an airplane, specially under emergencies.

I would ask MICROSOFT to create a possibility to connect 2 PC (via LAN or Internet) to share the same cockpit and flight, thus one person can act as Captain and the other as Flight Officer, sharing the workload in the cockpit, each one with the view of its seat, left or right. VoIP would be a great implementation for this too.

I am sure that if they create this feature, 3rd party products would be able to implement it a lot.


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Good idea. Maybe they will incorporate it into Microsoft Flight Simulator X due out in Dec. 2006. 🙂

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Absolutely. I usually don't pay much attention to these, "we'd like to see" threads, but this is such a darned good idea that I couldn't resist.

There would be some technical hurdles, especially for doing this over the internet where the upload speed limitation (128-768Kb), even on DSL or cable connections would pose problems. Over a LAN where 100Mb speeds are possible, it should be no problem.

The down-side is that now, in addition to FSPassengers telling you how badly you did, you have a real live person doing it as well. 😂

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me and my friend were talking about this. you can setup a system that has 2 moniters or more of course - so you could have each side of the panel each. and you can connect 2 mise, 2 joysticks and 2 keyboards - but this is all running off one pc - so, bugger that! i would love to see a simple ethernet connection or something that could do this.

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surely we don't need to rely on Microsoft for this. Sounds like a great add-on that could make someone some cash!! Idea


I think there is a addon that allows you to do that already. I was told by someone online to download it, and i did about a week ago. Unfortunately i had PC problems and had to reformat before trying it out, and ive forgotten what it was called.

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i think its or something liek that

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Sounds like a decent idea, but I doubt they'll implement it in FSX.

By the way, kiano could you give me a link to the story behind the botched up landing of that Air France jet in your sig? Thanks...

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Would love to....if I could find it. Someone asked for it the other day and I spent hours on but couldn't find a thing. The pic was emailed to me so i can't take credit for tracking it down in the first place.

If i do find any info i will let you know

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there is an addon, it was reviewed in the last issue of PCpilot it is called FSNet.

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