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landing gear fails

terrylt1 Guest

I am new to this FS2004 thing, but really enjoy it. However I have a problem, when I fly the Learjet, on landing, my landing gear always gives out, and I crash. I am holding 140 knots on landing, flaps full, what could cause the landing gear to fail, and how can I resolve the problem to land the plane. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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paramesh Trainee

Hi , i think that u are coming in too fast . try landing at a slower speed about 125-130 KTS. hope it helps. let me know

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Mason Gilliam (harleyman) First Officer

I land the Lear 45 all the time at higher speeds...Sounds like a glitch to me...A reinstall might help....Look in kneeboard for correct landing speeds/ procuderes.......and check out my theory.....

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Another suggestion before you spend a half hour reinstalling is this. Are you coming DOWN too hard? because I've had the same problem with the 777, if you come down on the runway too hard, the landing gear will blow out under you. Try and set a less steep glide slope, and if you hand fly to landing, make sure that you don't drop too hard, and dont engage spoilers untill you touchdown. They produce a lot of down force, and that may cause a problem too.

Good luck!

spuddi Guest

140knots should be fine, but don't forget vertical speed. maybe your coming in at the right forward speed but a bit too steep?
Try setting the ILS on and follow the guide slope, also keep a close eye on the vertical speed needle try to approach at -300fpm, and don't forget to flare (I.e pull the nose up at the final stages) this should enable the descent rate to flatten out just before you land.

I first learnt to fly for real in tail-dragger gliders in which a flare is fairly important. You don't fly gliders into the gound like you do powered aircraft you flare about 4-5 foot above the ground and then keep pulling back the stick, the plane slowly drops to the ground as the airspeed dies.
The first time I flew a powered aircraft (piper archer) I tried to land it the same way and it stalled and dropped those last 5 foot pretty quick, (the instructor did not look to chuffed)

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Before you do a reinstall turn off the damage in fs9 and try a few landings............If you can now land ok Im sorry to say you are comming in to fast and to hard.............ease up a bit

Let us know how you get on

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