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What is wrong with my computer!?

sierrapacific Guest

When I tried to install FS2004 on the forth disk it said there was a hard disk error. And I can't figure out how to bypass it. And while you read this you can also visit my website:

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Did you have the sim loaded on this computer before.
Does the h/d make a grinding noise.
Is the disk clean of all dust and fingerprints.
Can you give us your computer specs.


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Netz Rafi (Rafi) First Officer

Try to copy the entare cd to your harddisc if U have place for it. In my firs instalation I had some problems and actualy i copyed all 4 cd's and perfomed the instalation from there

sierrapacific Guest

My computer has a 200GB Hard Frive 512MB ram and Intel Inside Celeron D which I will problably soon be getting an AMD Athlon 64. My brother got the same message and bypassed it but won't tell me how.

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Netz Rafi (Rafi) First Officer

I think U have lot of space so just insert your cd to cd driver open a seperate subdir some where and try to copy your cd no4 to your hard drive . If U will beable to copy all the files than we can discaust what to do later. If not U just skip the file U can't copy and some body will suply U the missing file or I will do it when I will be home

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

In addition to the others right suggestions you can try to restart your system in safe mode and install FS.Of course you have to un-install it first.

Maybe a corrupted file cause of CD small damage cause you this problem.You can also try an alternative CD/DVD drive to see what will happens.

Before start try(if you willing to do)all the above run the disk clean up option ,defrag you hard drive,and check your paging files set up.

If you dont know how to do all of them(or some of them) inform us and you will get specific instructions.

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