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I took a 737 from lisbon to medeira. I put 40% fuel in all 3 tanks. I flew at 10000 with the N1 at 60%. about 78 miles out the wing tanks showed empty. I flew the rest of the way on the centre tank, i thought there would be plenty in.

When I landed, taxied and switched off I checked the fuel and had 30 gallons left in the tank!

has anyone had a closer shave? how about running out of fuel just before the destination and having to glide in?

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Fear That actully happened to a Transat Airbus with 300 passengers
Due to faulty maintainance a fuel pipe ruptured (the pilots thought it was a computer glitch) and they switched to cross feed the tanks and emptied them
A lot of luck(ATC made them change course due to traffic which took them closer to the Azores)and great skill by the pilots
I think they were at 36000ft when it all went dark on them
They put it down on the runway busting most of the tyres
They all walked away(if I had been on there I think I would have been slightly smelly)

If you have access to cable tv check out National Geographic(UK) as this features in one of the Air Crash Investigations programmes called Running on empty

Its on again 25th April @ 21.00 and 26 April @01.00

To find out if its in your area check out ➡

This is not for those of you who are nervious passengers
Fear Fear

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Jeezum crow! I usually overfill on fuel. You are lucky my friend...Are there any 4 leaf clovers or leprechauns in your area i could borrow? I've been having bad luck with women these days lol

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Cheers TomtheTank, I don't have national geographic, but i know someone who can tape it for me.

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