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A Dummy's Guide to Multiplayer

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Good morning/evening and night fellow flight simmers. This is a guide on how to set up a multiplayer flight on a private server.

There are many places to fly multiplayer in the FS9 world places such as Arrow

The following examples are for the use of Wspilots servers
I. First of all goto the following web pages
V. Were going to be taking the first link as an example here. You will see at the top of the page something like this port 23456.
VI. Know start up Flight Simulator, choose your plane of choice, change your airport to what ever you and your friend have chosen
VIII. Once the flight has loaded up press the ALT key.
XI. Then click on CONNECT
XII. A Multi-player screen will be showing.
XIII. Where it says players name this is quite easy input your name
XIV. Where it says IP Address you can goto the links above and copy the IP address down on a piece of paper. Or you can Copy and paste
XV The IP address you just wrote down type into where it says IP Address and click search
XVI. Once there is something in sessions and sessions commands you can know press join.

To talk to people just follow these easy steps.

Press Alt
Click on Flights
Down to multiplayer
and the click on Chat Window.

If you just want to connect to your friends computer you will need to find out your IP address goto this address Arrow

This will give you your IP address and you can give this to your friend and copy step VII onewards.

If you want to talk to your friends you can do this via MSN, this is easly done.

Open up MSN and start IM, if you both have a MIC click on VOICE at the top of MSN box and go through the steps.

If you don't have MSN you can use Teamspeak which can be found here Arrow

and follow the instructions. I'm to sure on the servers as I don't use teamspeak that much.

Thank you for viewing this topic and I hope this helps you out.



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This is a very detailed topic guide you have put together here Liono, and for such effort I think that this should be made a sticky because there are a lot of simmers out there who don't know how to set up multiplayer flights. Well Done! Clapping

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cool guide i needed help Cool

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You should take off, because they've recently stopped supporting FS9.

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