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Pacific WWII Video Footage of carrier take offs and landings

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I promised someone a link to this in another post but didn't want to hijack the thread, people also may see it more readily here 🙂

This is a cracking video of clips taken on board US Navy aircraft carriers in the pacific during WWII showing many take offs and landings, also many landing attempts....

It really goes to show how brave / crazy these guys who flew in the pacific theatre were!

There is one crash 5 minutes into the film where the pilot glides in to the right of his landing line, hits a tower on the right side of the ship (left in the video) and the rear of the aircraft behind his cockpit and a wing are torn off leaving a somewhat shocked but ok looking pilot looking dazed.

I found out when at the Fleet Air Arm museum near Exeter in the UK that he had lost his aileron controls in a battle and was landing with rudder and elevators only !

Anyway, I think the footage was originally from the History Channel so they are the people who supplied this, if anyone thinks I should remove the link from this site please let me know.

If that is the case and anyone wishes to view the video they can contact me by email and I will supply them the link privately.

I hope you enjoy it.

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Yeah it really shows you good and bad landings.One of the guys who waved the planes in looked like my great uncle!

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