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It is with great pleasure (fear and trepidation) that I announce Omega-Air Virtual Airlines is now accepting applications for pilot positions on its staff.

The sign-up page is at

What is Omega-Air?

Essentially, Omega-Air is a contractor for a number of agencies of different governments. These agencies are sometimes known by 3 initials or 2 initials and a number. In other words, think of Air America, but an internationals version that is a bit more serious (gets less laughs).

What makes us different?

We fly practically any type of plane you can imagine. Want to fly GA planes? We do it. Prefer commercial jetliners? Do that, too. Military Cargo? Uh huh. Combat aircraft? Yep, but no actual combat flying.

What is this mission stuff?

Unlike, other VAs, we don't simply hand you a flight number and say fly from KJFK to LGVA. We create real-world scenarios such as flying a military type cargo plane to drop relief supplies refugees from a war. Or, you might be flying a charter flight in order to get an intelligence team to their ground transport at a certain time and place. We will fly in areas where those old 707, 727 and even DC-3s will seem appropriate. We'll make sure there's use for your Citation-X ,as well.

Want to refine your skills, you can even log your training flights, even if all your are doing is touch and goes or pattern practice. We'll have suggestions for more interesting things as well.

Will you have a forum?

Not yet, but we may have. We will have a blog which members will be able to contribute to, at Of course we want everyone to do some flying. After all, without flying, what is the point of having a VA?

Sounds very nice, but what's the down-side?

The web site isn't finished, yet. Not all of the operationl material is done, the missions haven't been published yet and some of the pages haven't gotten past the "template" stage, etc. I'm going as fast as I can, but I am experiencing withdrawal symptoms from a lack of flying this project is causing me. Suggestions will be more than welcome. You can reply here, PM me or email the webmaster address at the bottom of Omega-Air's pages.

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I just joined Very Happy

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I've joined. I was looking for a smaller VA with less members etc. Looking forward to hearing from you. If you don't mind me asking Crash, what is your role in the VA?


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Punisher.... Laughing Laughing Laughing Wink

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Greekman72 wrote:

Punisher.... Laughing Laughing Laughing Wink


Thumbs Up!

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As to what my part in this is, Web monkey and chief trouble maker might be a good description.

Locally, in the real world, I know one person who is a real world pilot, one who is a flight Simulator pilot with no VA affiliation and one person with "organization" experience. That meant we had one real, two sim pilots and one non-pilot as well as one person who actually was a participant in some ...err...umm...unorthodox "missions".

We got to thinking if anyone else would like to do this kind of unorthodox kind of stuff so I sprung for the cost of web hosting and here we are.

I'll be posting some missions on the site and can give you an idea of what they entail. One is a commercial/charter route between Rhodes and Lebanon, and the other uses either GA or older transports like C123 or C119 from Kenya to Tanzania.

BTW, I've seen all the applications, but SteveT's which may still be wandering about the internet.

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