AI aircraft not wearing repaints?

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Hello all, I'm fairly new to flight sims and I have FS2004. I got some repaints for the default aircraft and added the textures. They work fine when I'm flying them, but none of the AI aircraft wear the new paint schemes.

I assumed that the AI aircraft randomly displayed textures, so maybe there's a file that has to be changed to reflect the fact that there's a few more textures to choose from?

Any help would be appreciated!!!!!


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Hi What repaints have you installed?

Seejayem Guest

They were repaints from, 3 for the 737-400, 1 for the 777-300 and 1 for the Dash-8.

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Umm... I really need the file names to work out whats wrong

You may want to have a look at our d/loads here ➡

I think its the 4th or 5th one down and then jump to page 9 as there are some more there

Here is a link to a site that is dedicated to AI traffic ➡

Then the skys the limit as there are loads of differant airlines and aircraft to d/load.

Best of all its free and the installer will do all the work for you

Happy landings

Seejayem Guest

Thank you for the advice, I'll download the installer from Project AI. Also I bummed around there to see if I could find what was wrong. This is the CFG code of the new livery of the Dash 8 (after I placed it below the first 3 paint schemes).

I also changed the call sign to one recognized by the program, but still nada!

title=de Havilland Dash 8-100 Paint3
ui_manufacturer=de Havilland
ui_type="Dash 8-100"

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😕 If its after the frist 3 paint jobs should'nt this one be called paint4?

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