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I WANT TO CHANGE MY MOTHER CARD AND VIDEO CARD.IS THERE MANY DIFFERENCEs BETWEEN VIDEO CARDs with same chipset,but made by different manyfacturer ;for exemple Radeon 9800 Pro 256MO manufactured by different companies ?

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Here is their partner list.
My feeling is that the partner has to make a card that sells for the same or less than ATI itself, therefore because they have to pay ATI in someway for the rights to duplicate their card it has to be made with shall we say "lesser" components.

This is only my thoughts with nothing tangible to back it up.
I have an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro DDR.

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😕 I dont know whether Radarman is right about the lesser components(but it makes sense)
I do know that other makers use a slightly different program and tweaks(within the card) to try and get the best results.
Before you part with your cash always do a little research on the web with any card you lije the look of(someone's moved my key board)Thats any card you like the look of.

A good place to start is ➡

There are plenty of others and a lot of useful tips to be found

Hey Radar a topic on graphic cards and I have not said Nvidia Doh! once. Oops! ROFL

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