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Problem with Ultimate Traffic

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Hey guys,

Can you look at this link below and look at the section,'Download today'. and then look at the first option.

Can anyone actually install this for me as I will let you do it on my Laptop by sharing it with you?

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tomthetank Chief Captain

What happens when you click the link ?

this is copied from the instructions ➡ Downloader (and file validator) Utility
Version 1.03

Note: If you have any problems with this tool, please make a post in our forum at

This new downloader utility offers these benefits:

Files are validated as they are downloaded.
Incomplete downloads are revalidated and resumed.
Corrupted download are repaired.
Good for any internet connection. Dialup users do not have to worry about wasted download attempts, and broadband users will experience a fast connection to the file.
You can run the downloader minimized to the system tray and it will work quietly in the background.
It will try to automatically resume the download if there are network problems.
You know that once you get the file, it should be 100% valid, and not corrupted.
You can use the downloader to validate an already existing download.
If you have a corrupted download, it can repair the file without having to re-download the entire file.
If you typically wait for CD's, you may not have to any more! The downloader can get you the software much faster than shipping, and save you money also! The goal is to let you download with confidence!

The Flight1 Downloader tool relies on Flight1 Downloader Data files (they have the .ddf extension).

Save the F1Downloader.exe file to any convenient folder on your system.
Start the downloader tool (make sure you are connected to the Internet beforehand).
Load the ddf file that you downloaded. You can do this by pressing the "Select Downloader" button, or even better, you can double click on the ddf file, and when a window pops up prompting you for what to do, select the "Select the program from a list" option. Then browse to the F1Downloader.exe file. Keep the "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" option selected. From now on, double-clicking a Flight1 ddf file will automatically start the downloader program.
Select a local location to save the file that will be downloaded. The default name will be preselected for you. Once you do this, the download will start. A verification process will occur on any bytes previously downloaded so to not re-download these parts.
You can minimize the tool to your system tray and let it do its work.
Right-click the icon in your tray to view certain options as well as examine the log.
If you cancel your download or have to resume it later, make sure you browse to the same ddf file you originally used, and that you are saving it to the same exe that was previously partially downloaded.
To validate an existing download you do not need to do anything different than normal. Just load the ddf file, and then browse to the already downloaded file on your system. If the file is corrupt, the tool will try to repair the file by re-downloading the corrupted parts. The downloader will make 20 attempts to repair a corrupted file. After this, it will resume the download from the last known good section of the file.

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