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I've taken a look through various sites & forums but haven't found any mention of the possibility of changing the default location/time at start-up. Having to change from Seattle-Tacoma to Manchester, UK every single time is becoming a pain, and upon changing the airport FS9 decides to make every flight a night flight, usually around 01:00 - which then also probably needs changing. Yes, I know it's only a few mouse clicks, but as I'm currently d/l new aircraft and flight-testing them, it's a nuisance.
Anybody know how it can be done - permanently? 😞

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OK, try this. Go into your settings and change the time setting so that it does not use your PC time. And then, after you customize your flight how you want it, just save it and set "Make this the default flight" and when you want to fly there, you will be already set up, just hit ALT and switch planes to whatever one you want to use.

Happy flying! 😀

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Haven't tried it yet but I'll give it a go shortly - sounds good to me though.

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