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Hi all,

When I'm flying an heli (ex. seaking) I want to bank left or right.
So I bank left I release joystick and normally the heli must fly straight ahead but instead of that,he banks imidiately back to the right 😕 is this bcuz my joystick isn't good enough?


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Nope. Nothing wrong with your joystick I hope.
To fly a heli successfully it pays to look into the workings of those birds that don't look like birds at all -- and ironically herein lies the key.

If I tried to explain to you what I remember, I'd be confusing you even more. The controls of a heli are very sensitive and it takes a lot of practice and lateral thinking to master them. There are some good tutorials around - start with the one supplied with your FS and use the 'Robinson' instead of the 'JetRanger'.

Since you are using a joystick, when you bank you also have to use the 'rudder' simultaniously. If after that you just release your joystick, your chopper will go into an uncontrollable spin. Trial and error... but it can be done.

You might want to check out this site ➡

The best on the net for anything related to choppers, including lessons.

Good luck 😀

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😳 .... 😀 WOW this really helps me THANKS

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Hey man, the best news I've had all day!! Thanks for the flowers 😀

Actually, I just found this tutorial - don't be put off by the fact that it was written for FS2002, you'll find the principles are the same. ➡

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it is a skill I have mastered not all can fly choppers but i fly them exremely well. i fly em better than big jets and thats all I really fly

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