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I am running flight simulator 2004 century of flight with a geforce ti200 graphic card and a 1.47gig athlon processor also 512meg memory. I find some graphics in the game are a bit flickery, things like trees and houses etc. is there some way i could tweek the game to improve things bearing in mind i cannot afford a better graphic card at the moment?

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Hmmmm....If we keep on mind that you cant spend some money the only thing you could try is to ''play'' a little with your graphics settings from FS menu.
A suggestion is to put in lower level the settings which have to do the with clouds.FS needs more power in order to create more completive clouds.
Also you can check if you have some unnecessary programs running on background.
By disable them you could have a better(not amazing according to your system specs)performance.

Check this program ➡

It helps to shut down all the programs running on background.


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