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Edoardo Boscolo Guest

Hi all gentlemen,

I have Windows XP (sp2), Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.00Ghz, 1 GB of RAM; NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4600, althought my FS9 get a failure from many weeks up to now.
I have almost all scenaries, I fly usually with Level-d B767, no problems for months...but suddenly..I don't know...may be a new scenary, but all I tried to do was insufficient to resolve.

On flight, about 30/40 minutes from fs start, flight simulator blocks over and appear Windows failure messages kind: "Memory is insufficent" and "Instruction to "0x2077660c" referenced to memory to "0x079e7fc0". The memory could not be "written"".
And fs stops straight to autoshoutdown.

I tried to translate messages and situation from Italian...I'm sorry for some mistakes.

Thank you for your kind attention,

best regards,


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wouldnt know what to tell you... srry

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My two guesses would be:

1) Some other application is trying to run in the background and isn't playing well with FS... like an Antivirus client, AntiSpyware, or anything else that runs in the background on startup.

2) Some sort of addon thats running in the background and has a memory leak, so it just keeps grabbing available memory until there is none left on the whole system.

One thing you might try is, give it 20 mins or so and then hit Cntl-Alt-Delete and go to the task manager, and click on the performance tab.

See if it looks like the unit is getting really low on memory.


Thank you very very much...I'll try asap your ideas...thank you.



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See if this is of any help.



Thank you very much sir,

may be is this "Rebuild the Windows paging file" the possible solution, because I have 47 GB free space of Hard Disk.

I will try asap and I'll say you what happens.

Thank you very much for your precious help.



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edited - nice find....

I tried looking at the MS support site 5 minutes ago, but the following came up for me: 😳

Rather amusing... 🙄 😂

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Edoardo Boscolo,

With the GB of ram I would build the page file size to 1.5 gb. The virtual will never run out. A question that I have is. Have you added or deleted any new or old programs? It could be a virus scanner as suggested before. Or god forbid a virus or worm. I hope that isn't the case of course. Also, with that big of a drive I partioned my drive to run games only. I find that other programs don't even get near the sim when I am running it. Also, if you do an uninstall and reinstall FS. Disconnect your lan cable. When you reinstall anything you will get a connection and all kinds of programs vie for their updates.

I hope this helps and doesn't confuse you.

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