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Site bug or my computer...?

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jarred_01 Chief Captain

Hey everyone,

Logging in tonight I noticed a few errors that have occured here on flyaway, my point of this post is to find out whether this is a new site bug or simply my computer! Wink

Things that are abnormal:

The 'back' button on your browser seems to malfunction - coming up with the typical page not found error when returning to the main forum index.

Clicking on the 'view more emoticons' link when creating posts brings up the window - with half of the emoticons pictures being replaced with the words.

Selecting some emoticons fails to insert the picture in the post properly - e.g. only the writing appears and no code - such as 'wink' instead of ': wink:.

Any ideas?
Jarred Confused

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Have you tried to log-out and log-in again and your problem persists?
I can suppose that maybe this has to do with connection's faults.
Do you have this problem now or its ok?
If i was in your place i would have try the following simple steps.

2.Close and restart my browser.
3.Reset my router-modem.

Do you have this problem now or its ok?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

What browser are you using.


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jarred_01 Chief Captain

Well the problem has seem to have self - corrected intelf, thanks for the help! Wink

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