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Make Plane Speeds Faster?

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In real life..planes cruise up to 35,000 ft + and cruise over 400 MPH easily. But, in FS2004 a B777 gets up to 27,000 ft. and makes about 375 MAX! Is there anyway u can make the planes faster?

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Don't misinterpret indicated airspeed for true airspeed. At altitude, because of the less dense air, your indicated speed will be much lower than your true speed. At 35,000 feet, a jet will indicate approximately 290 knots but the true speed will be 460 knots. That's 530 MPH! Nautical miles are different than MPH. One nautical mile per hour or knot =1.15 MPH. Planes also have speed limitations at lower altitudes set by the aircraft manufacturer. The speeds in Flight Simulator are correct to real life. 🙂

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Regarding altitude, a 777 or any other heavy for that matter should have no problems reaching an altitude of 39,000ft (this is a rather common cruise altitude in real life). I use FL 390 often and haven't had any problems with both default or third-party a/c.
This is not to say that you might not have picked up an a/c with a faulty .mdl file.

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