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Ok guys, i got some photo scenery for the uk and below is a picture of me flying along the coast from shoreham at about 3500ft. In my opinion it looks absolutely appalling, is it just me or am i missing something!!

Please help.

I posted this picture full size because then you can see the full crapness of it!

Micah 😉

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Hi Micah,
I also have the photoreal scenery for the whole of the UK, and I have few tips for making it look better.

1) Re-Install it with the included british water update ticked- it makes a heck of a difference

2) Set visibilty to low, at about 10 miles. This wont make the horizon look fake and blurry and set your simulator to mid-day summer to get the brightest clearest results.

3) Open the fs9.cfg file and change this:



(This is assuming you have Extended Textures turned on in your scenery settings)

4) Also defrag your computer after installation and re-start your PC right before you begin a flight sim session

5) If your using Ant-Aliasing or Antiscoptic Filter, turn these ON in yoru graphics card setup menu and OFF in your simulator options.

6) To advoid blurry textures, shut off all un-neccercy progams running in the background (like firewall and spyware protectors if your not on broadband) and fly slow at about 120 kias or below- the Flying Club planes are perfect for this.

What areas have you bought btw, I only have volumes 1 and 2, and you must have at least volume one if you where flying from Shoreham. Heres a nice idea for a flight I like to do: Take off from Shoreham, and fly east over Brighton untill you see the train station. Follow the railway line north through Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, and Gatwick Airport right into Central London. When you reach London Bridge station, follow the Thames east and descend into land at London City airport which is a runway right in the middle of the river in the docklands 😂

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ceetee Chief Captain

Heres a shot of my south coast with all the stuff I mentioned above active:

Also, if you read the book that comes in the box, it has a few helpful hints like:

- Make sure you press ALT+ENTER to go into full screen mode for best results.

- Make sure you have the latest video card driver and direct x installed on your system.

- Advoid changes of view and slew mode.

- In scenery options set 'terrain Texture Size' to High and make sure Extended Terrain Textures are NOT selected.

- Make sure 'Enable Hardware Acceleration' is selected and reduce the target frame rate to minimum.

Also, try flying in areas like central london, the level of detail is greater in the urban areas rather than the countryside.

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