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Add ons??? how much ?

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I saw fs9 on ebay for 20 brand new in the box from the USA.

So how could i resist?? whipped out the old credit card and off i went.....

400+ later on graphics cards and RAM (which were all fine... so i thought) not to mention the cost of fsp, T05 plus other aircraft and add ons, you start to think.... is it just me getting obsessed?

Do i need help? my girlfriend just doesn't get it and annoyingly keeps referring to this expense as "it's just a game".

I'm struggling to justify it now...... this could be the end.... fsx... i'll be lucky if i see FX20 at this rate Sad

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Well, you know my opinion of those who consider FS to be a game. Wink

Some people spend a fortune customizing cars. Others spend incredible sums on their hobbies. So why do people catch grief because their interest is FS? Shocked

Ask her how many movies she has seen and what each one costs. Then figure out how many hours of enjoyment you've gotten out of FS and you will find it is cheaper in comparison.

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The very experienced sonicninja started a topic entitled 'FS Widows' or something similar some time ago. Maybe you should study this topic one day secretly when your girlfriend is not around -- and after some soul-searching make your final decision.

If it's of any comfort to you at all... You are NOT alone!
The force is with you Very Happy

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LOL... shoes.... that's my best defence at the moment, but don't know how long it will last.

I'm with you about Tailhook on the game issue, I have a good weather car locked up just for.... well good weather.... she doesn't get that either!

Maybe there should be an air hostess shoe add on.... maybe then she'd understand.

Thanks for you're support thought guys Cheers!

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[quote="CrashGordon"]Well, you know my opinion of those who consider FS to be a game. Wink

Sorry Crash... mis quoted Confused

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