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I still have no replies after I typed in what I really meant on one of my other posts about the different replies on if the one airplane can appear on the Create-A-Flight menue or not.

Anyway,that was another forum topic. Now,I need to know how to move files and folders to the correct file.

If you can`t answer this question,it`s okay,but I really want to get in that Delta MD-88.


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This is as close as I can get to understanding your question. Drag and drop!


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AirAustin wrote:

...but I really want to get in that Delta MD-88....


...that Delta MD-88What Delta MD-88 ❓

You'll have to be more precise AirAustin, otherwise nobody will be able to help you.
Have you already downloaded the file... if so, what is the exact name of the .zip file and where exactly did you get it from?

What exactly is your problem?

Have you studied the information in this link ➡

Come back and ask anytime, but please be more specific 😉

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