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Is there anyway I can find the frequencies for the ILS approaches? I've activated my approaches and what runway I've landing but can't seems to find the frequency and my approach is off. Please help me


I am still having problems making my final Approach to Pittsburgh International Airport. I've switched my GPS back to NAV and check my map and found my airport and checked the ILS runway to land.

To make a long story short, I was at about 5 miles from land and checked the APP switch but my 737 isn't lining up for the runway. I see the pink line for the runway but my approach hold isn't working. Please help me.

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Read the following guides to learn more about approaches:


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Go to Map mode, click on airport symbol to get ILS frequencies. You have to have the ILS freq. in the No. 1 nav, Set HDG on the autopilot (AP) with the aircraft on a heading that will intercept the ILS inbound course. I suggest a intercept angle of 30 degrees and a max. of 45-50 degrees. Select APP once on that heading. You should intercept the localizer(LOC) about 8-15 miles out(not critical) but not closer than 5 miles at an altitude from the approach chart. Charts are not given in Flight Simulator but I will provide link below. This altitude is normally about 1500 above ground level(AGL). KPIT is about 1300 ft. above mean sea level(MSL) so your altimeter will read about 3000 ft. I think the chart may say 4000 ft. As you approach the glide slope (GS) on the LOC, have the aircraft slowed to about 170 KIAS with Flaps 25 with spoilers ARMED. As you start to capture the GS, lower the gear and select flaps 30. Slow aircraft to Vref for current weight. Autopilot should be off before 200 ft. AGL for landing. I told you all of that for the 737 because I figure that you won't listen to my final statement: Learn to fly the ILS in the C-172 not the 737.

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