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How Fast is the first initial climb in a A319?

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Hey peeps,

This has been bugging me for a while now?

How many FT/Min should I be climbing after take-off in my airbus 319?

I am currently climbing at 3000. Does it need to be more?

How to the numbers on my altitude indicator correspond to ft/min?


ps - I am normally taking off on 60-70% weight.

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I don't have the same aircraft but I can speak in general terms. Your climb rate is not bad. You will have to reduce it as you climb. What happens is that if you climb at too fast a rate, there comes a point that the auto throttles can no longer maintain your selected speed even with full thrust. Your airspeed will decay until you stall. Each aircraft is different. Watch your speed and N1. If the engines seem to get close to maximum, reduce climb rate. Use 250 below 10,000 and then about 300 until about FL 280. Transition to Mach of .70-.75 In the 20's you will probably be around 1500 FPM. Above 30,000 , about 1000 or less. Just ball park figures. 🙂

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