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add-on problems

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this is for FLIGHT SIMULATOR 2004 ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!

I am looking for "spasific" directions for getting my add- ons onto my game. A user "tomthetank" gave me very confusing directions on how to put my add- ons onto my game. Now can someone pleeeeeeeeeeease ive me spasific and easy directions on how to put add-ons onto my game. Thank You

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Its a little strange because everyone here including me we have follow the TTT and FEMs guide and finally we manage to add our crafts in FS.

Could you be more specific please about your problem?What exactly didn't you get?

We all are here to help but unfortunately you have to try a little too... 😉

Read theis carefully ➡

....step by step...and come back to ask about your problems... 😉

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Dont Know

Perhaps you could be a bit more specific about the aircraft.
After all we are here to help 😉

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RadarMan Chief Captain

First read the read-me that came with the aircraft, if you can't follow that this should help.

My Computer is an icon on your desktop, double click on it.
Inside your main drive icon is "C".
Double click on that.
Look for a folder "Program Files".
Double click on that.
Look for a folder marked "Microsoft Games".
Double click on that.
Now you have a folder Flight Simulator.
Double click on that.
Laid out are all the simulator folders.
Follow the read-me that came with the aircraft.


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