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I fly my 777 direct GPS...with the NAV....when I choose my approach in the GPS...and im about 10 miles from the runway..I click APP hold and then all of a sudden my plane shoots up and starts takes off my NAV and ALT hold and the plane goes crazy...why does it do that?

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Because the APP button is ILS-Only. You need to fly an ILS approach in order to run the APP function on the Autopilot.

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10 miles out......there is the problem I think.
I find that if I am off very much on my slope that some times the plane will try to get to where it needs to be in a violent manner.
I have found that it is important to be almost perfectly aligned with the runway and on a glide slope that is just below optimal when I engage APP. I also never engage until landing clearance is given, (a guess) 4 or 5 miles out and I am up to bat. I never engage if there is someone in the pattern ahead of me.
Be patient, practice at a lower rate, until it becomes natural and then go in at the normal rate. Keep trying, you will get it.

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oh yea, good point FEM

k_camacho11 Guest

I know...I only land using the ILS.

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