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Would it be possible to post the rules for the screenshot gallery on the gallery itself? Why is it such a secret on how to put a picture up there? I think I am pretty computer savey, but in the couple years I have been here, and the hundreds of attempts I have made to post a picture up there, I have never been successful. OK, I am done with my rant, but seriously, why not tell us what format you want, what size you want, what naming convention you want......oh man, I am still ranting.
I guess I'll have another 🍻 and watch the Olympics.

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That post certainly helps, thanks for the link RadarMan.

If I read it correctly, jelami is suggesting that there should be some kind of a sticky placed in a logical place.

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Yes, good idea, that will come when Flyaway has the time to code it in. He'll see this thread and put it on the to-do list.


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A loooong list. 😉

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